Need a hand? Creative ways to find extra staff….

By INNOVIC / March 6, 2017 / Handy Tips / No Comments

Need a hand?  Creative ways to ease your workload and find extra staff. Outsourcing – use websites where you can find marketing people, book-keepers, designers, IT experts, copywriters etc. freelancer freelancer.com.au and upwork Volunteers University & College Students – contact student plac...

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How to find new business opportunities

By INNOVIC / March 6, 2017 / Handy Tips / No Comments

The Year of the Rooster – How to find new business opportunities to crow about! You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room to find new business opportunities – but you DO need to be observant, curious and to ask questions: why? why not? Some tips. Look at various trends and ...

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Are you an entrepreneur? Some questions for you

By INNOVIC / August 15, 2016 / Handy Tips / No Comments

Are you an entrepreneur?   …an entrepreneur is a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit…” (Oxford dictionary) Many people dream of working for themselves but what does this actually involve: long hours, financial uncertainty, stress, multi-tas...

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Patent Searching – a journey of discovery

By INNOVIC / July 8, 2016 / Handy Tips / No Comments

Every inventor should do a patent search to determine if it is worthwhile incurring the significant costs involved in lodging a patent application. Contrary to popular opinion, there will always exist prior art that is either identical to the stated invention or similar in some way. If identical ...

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Outsourcing? Too many things on your to do list?

By INNOVIC / June 6, 2016 / Handy Tips / No Comments

Outsourcing?  Too many things on your to do list? Why not off-load some tasks to other people? But remember to: Clearly define your task, expectations and budget Find a contractor with the requisite skills, experience and track record Get a recommendation and/or check references and previous proj...

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How do you fund a new start up or business growth?

By INNOVIC / June 3, 2016 / Handy Tips / No Comments

There may be various options, depending on your circumstances, but they could include: Back yourself – use your savings, credit cards, or personal assets Family and friends – borrow monies from your nearest and dearest AND pay interest Bank loan – compare rates at InfoChoice On-...

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The Ideas Boom – what is it?

By INNOVIC / March 17, 2016 / Handy Tips, News / No Comments

What is the Ideas Boom?  How does it help start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors and small to medium enterprises? The key features of the federal government’s National Innovation & Science Agenda include: Funding – new rules on crowd sourced equity funding; tax breaks; more VC ...

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The Port Phillip Opportunity Cafe

By INNOVIC / February 17, 2016 / Handy Tips, Technology / No Comments

Are some people naturally innovative or can this skill be learned? Yes to both questions. So how to you start innovating? Find an existing product or service and do it better – think taxis and Uber. Technology and collaboration are key tools for the innovator. Innovate using predictable beh...

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Innovators’ Networking Secrets

By INNOVIC / February 3, 2016 / Handy Tips, News / No Comments

Innovators aren’t necessarily the smartest and the brightest in the room – So what do they do differently? They mix with a wide variety of individuals and have open, diverse networks, and … they listen as well as talk.   So … how do you do it? Go to diverse events outside your specific area...

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Start Up India

By INNOVIC / January 19, 2016 / News / No Comments

Start up Indian style India has never been short of entrepreneurs – they are well represented in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.  But the Modi Government has a new plan – Start Up India, Stand Up India designed to crank up the number of start ups and business entrepreneurs and grow Indi...

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