Start Up India

By INNOVIC / January 19, 2016 / News / No Comments

Start up Indian style India has never been short of entrepreneurs – they are well represented in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.  But the Modi Government has a new plan – Start Up India, Stand Up India designed to crank up the number of start ups and business entrepreneurs and grow Indi...

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How to value your early stage start-up

By INNOVIC / December 4, 2015 / Handy Tips / No Comments

How to value your early stage start-up Determine how much you need to grow to raise the next round of investment. e.g. $100K over 12 months. Work out what you will give to an investor? Perhaps 5-20% Therefore the pre-money valuation is $500K (20% for $100K) or $2m (5% for $100K) How the range is ...

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How to Sell Online

By INNOVIC / December 2, 2015 / Handy Tips / No Comments

E-commerce – Setting up to sell online To create your own online store you will need a domain name, web host, dedicated IP address, payment gateway, and a shopping cart function. You will also need to comply with fair work practices and legal requirements, drive business to your website, market y...

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Patents – past, present & future

By INNOVIC / November 11, 2015 / News, Technology / No Comments

Who knew? The first Australian patent to be granted was in 1906 to Andrew Brown McKenzie for improvements to the Westinghouse railway brake system. Future patents? Space elevators, driverless cars, 4D printers, wearable technologies and more.

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Biometrics – the death of passwords?

By INNOVIC / November 10, 2015 / News, Technology / No Comments

The trouble with passwords is remembering them! Hence the most common ones are “123456”, “password”, “12345” and “qwerty”. We all know that passwords need to be long, strong, eight plus characters, with a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Creative passwords can help but the...

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