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How to write a winning grant application

Grant assessors typically evaluate hundreds of grant applicants.  Some of their frequent complaints are that applicants don’t clearly describe their business and/or their new project; fail to answer all of the questions; don’t include relevant quotes or supporting documents and submit budgets that are wildly optimistic or simply don’t balance.

Grants are competitive and applications require a significant amount of work to be successful.  You can maximise your chances of success by following a few simple rules:

  • Read the guidelines carefully to ensure you understand the eligibility criteria, objectives, deliverables, schedule, project scale and what the funder is asking you to demonstrate in the application. If you need clarification, contact the funder.
  • Ensure that you answer ALL of the questions clearly and succinctly. Don’t use technical or insider jargon and ensure that your project is easy to understand.
  • Include any letters of support, quotes, budgets, legal or other documentation requested and ensure that the information you provide is current. Remember assessors will check the dates and details of the information you provide.
  • Ensure that your budgets are achievable, realistic and based on reasonable assumptions. If successful you may have to report on your expenditure v. budget so be as accurate as possible.
  • Clearly outline how your project meets the specific program objectives, deliverables and the assessment criteria.
  • Before submitting proof-read your application; sign it and check that you have included all the relevant attachments.
  • Submit by the due date and ensure you receive an acknowledgement of receipt.

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