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Seven easy ways to protect your IP assets

  • Register your key IP assets such as an inventive new product, design, logo, trademark with IP Australia to give you ownership rights.  
  • Protect your website from image theft by using a ‘no right click plugin’ as a simple deterrent.
  • Watermark your photos, videos and documents.
  • Use copyright footers on your documents, presentations, etc. Copyright is free and automatic with no legal registration required, so a footer is just a reminder to people that you are claiming copyright.
  • Downloads from your website. Ensure that you have clear copying or licensing terms and conditions for items that are downloaded from your website such as workbooks, templates, original designs, etc.
  • Working with a contractor? If you are using a contractor to design or develop an app, a product, software, or a logo, etc. get them to assign the rights to you.
  • Talking to a third party about your new idea? If you don’t already have IP protection, use a confidentiality agreement

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