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What’s the difference between ©, TM and (R)?

©, TM and (R) are commonly used abbreviations – but what do they mean?

© is an abbreviation for copyright.   Its automatic and there is no legal requirement to register it. Copyright gives the creator of an original literary, musical, film, screen or artistic work including computer software and architecture legal rights for a limited period of time.  In Australia it is for the life of the artist plus 70 years.

For more information check  the Australian Copyright Council.

TM signifies a trademark.  It covers logos, words, letters, numbers, colours, a phrase, sound, scent, shape, picture, aspect of packaging or branding – or any combination thereof. TM denotes that you are claiming a right to use your brand as a trademark, although it may not yet be registered with the relevant IP office.

(R) signifies that your trademark is officially registered with the IP office in the country and for the goods and services that you are using it for. This gives you legal ownership of your trademark.

For more information check IP Australia.

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