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So, how do you make $$$ from an app?

Research suggests that 98% of the global revenue from apps, comes from FREE apps, NOT paid ones. So … before you develop your app, you need to consider how to monetise it.  Here are some typical ways to generate revenue.

  • In-app advertising – raising revenue from advertisers
  • Freemium model – offering the basic service free with a pay-to-upgrade facility
  • Subscription – initial free offer, then subscription for on-going or full content
  • In-app purchases – a popular option for game developers
  • Merchandising – selling related products
  • Sponsorship – arrangement with relevant partners
  • Referral marketing – promoting a third-party via clicks or downloads
  • Collecting and selling data – need to consider privacy and ethical issues
  • Transaction fee – a fee for every transaction conducting via the app

BEFORE you go too far ensure that you have done market research; checked out the competitors; identified your customers and have validated the commercial potential for your new app.

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