Recognise this?  You have a brilliant product or service … but haven’t made many/any sales?  Six innovative ways to get your new product or service noticed.

  • Promote locally – via relevant local businesses, community groups and organisations, neighbourhood websites, local media, council newsletters, radio stations
  • Organise a launch – Write a snappy media release, promote it via relevant social media and other outlets, invite a VIP, potential customers and influencers to the launch; follow up with photos and info on social media
  • Become the “go to expert” – contribute articles to relevant forums, industry associations, media, interest groups, blogs, social media groups.
  • Network – attend industry events, meet ups, business networking events, forums, and go to events outside your usual eco-system.
  • Affiliate – work with other organisations, co-promote and cross-promote.
  • Sponsor a prize, run a competition, organise an open day, cocktail event, publicity stunt, quirky promotion.

See how the big brands do it.

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