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How to find new business opportunities

The Year of the Rooster – How to find new business opportunities to crow about!

You don’t need to be the smartest person in the room to find new business opportunities – but you DO need to be observant, curious and to ask questions: why? why not? Some tips.

  1. Look at various trends and technologies that may impact on how we currently live and do business.
  2. Consider how these trends may evolve over the 5, 10 years and how the flow-on effects may impact your business and those of other businesses.

e.g. The advent of driverless cars may mean that young people will no longer have drivers’ licenses, houses may be built without garages, car parks may be repurposed, traffic wardens may be unemployed, etc.

  1. Explore possible responses to these changes and identify where the opportunities and needs may be.
  2. Do a SWOT analysis on ideas you may have and conduct research to see who else is working in this area.
  3. Implement a plan to capitalise on these future opportunities.

50 ideas to get you started.

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