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Different ways to raise funds … the crowd and P2P

Crowd funding, equity crowd funding and P2P lending – What’s the difference?

 Both crowdfunding and equity crowdfunding are different ways to raise money from a group of people for a specific task e.g. to fund a new product, grow a business or finance an endeavour.

Individuals who donate to crowd funding campaigns typically receive a reward, goods or some other form of acknowledgement but they don’t have any shares or equity in the project or venture.

Equity crowd funding is a structured way for a business to raise capital from a large group of people.  Contributors receive equity and have an ownership stake in the business with the potential for a financial return.  Want to know more?

Peer to peer (P2P) lending is also via an online platform and matches private investors with people seeking loans.  It is typically a managed fund and fees are charged to both parties.  The borrower repays the loan with interest, at an agreed rate, and the investor typically gets a higher rate of return than banks etc.  Find out more. 

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