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The “wizer” way to work!

Dylan Sims had a brilliant idea when trying to build posts to brace the main structure of a treehouse he was building – a pre-assembled, reusable post brace!  He and his fellow founder, Vince Alampi, contacted INNOVIC’s Richard Milne for assistance and EasyPost was born!

EasyPost is an aluminium post brace designed to hold a post in place while it sets in concrete.  With help from INNOVIC EasyPost was developed, protected, branded, packaged and prepared for launch.

But Dylan and Vince haven’t stopped there.  They saw opportunities for a range of other tools and accessories to speed up the construction process and reduce time and waste. Their Toolwize range now includes EasyPeg, a quick way to secure formwork and garden edging, and other accessories such as brackets, plates, suction caps, bags and more.  Congratulations to two smart innovators!

Our involvement
  • Idea evaluation including viability.
  • Intellectual property protection
  • Industrial design, tooling and offshore production
  • Branding and packaging
  • Website development
  • Business model
  • Project management

Toolwize Gallery

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FireFenda is the portable bushfire sprinkler system designed to help defend your property against the threat of bushfires and ember attack.


Sawtrac is an innovative concrete cutting saw accessory that allows the accurate cutting of a straight line, without having to support the weight of the saw.


Featuring a patented clip-in wedge system and unique deep heel cup, Modulign is a customisable orthotic that offers an accurate fit within minutes.
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