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A child car seat alert system designed to help save young lives, Infalurt functions as a warning device, alerting a parent or guardian if a child is left behind in a vehicle.

Using sophisticated sensor and communications technology, Infalurt triggers an alarm when a parent or guardian (and their alert key fob) moves over 10m from their vehicle while the child remains in their car seat.

Innnovic assisted Infalurt’s founder in the extensive research and development of this unique innovation, undergoing rigorous product and technology testing and development to create the Infalurt system. It was then a process of developing a robust go-to-market strategy, including engaging PR and marketing consultants to ensure the product would reach the intended audience.

Our involvement
  • Idea Evaluation
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • Strategy
  • Product Development
  • Branding & Packaging Development
  • Marketing & Product Launch

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