Market Research Consultation

INNOVIC recognises the growing case for start-up market research and now provides an affordable market research service.  With consumers expecting more “bang for their buck” and the continuing increase in competition, precise, opportune and up to date information has become the competitive edge businesses need to succeed.  Accurate, targeted market research will put you ahead and minimise the risk of bad outcomes.


The value of early stage market research

Quantitative market research gives you the tools to tap into your market and identify your competitors. Discover how many people think, act or feel in a particular way by reaching out to a sample of respondents ranging from 50 people to up to thousands of people. Without full disclosure of your idea, discover from your target market:


  • Does the consumer see a need for your proposed product or use your service or technology?
  • Would the consumer buy?
  • How much would they pay for it?
  • Where/how would they like to purchase it (online, retail etc)?
  • Why wouldn’t they buy it?
  • Would they recommend the idea to family, friends and colleagues?
  • Gain insight by age, gender and demographic


The benefits of early stage market research

The advantages of market research before investing in the development of your idea are many and include:

  • Get an honest unbiased opinion from your potential customers before you commit financially;
  • Use the results to refine your product, service or technology
  • Learn the best marketing strategy and the ideal target market;
  • Have legitimate consumer insight to present to financiers, partners, distributors or stockists.

All the above is provided by INNOVIC in a compressive hard copy report presented and explained to you by in person by your consultant.