Corporate/In-house Innovation Training

Services, Sessions & Master Classes with Roger La Salle. Roger is a successful inventor, entrepreneur, and international innovation expert. He is the developer of La Salle Matrix Thinking.

These sessions are individually tailored to your specialised business needs & “Innovation capability training”:

  • A revolutionary new way to see your world and build your business
  • Discover new ways and opportunities you never thought existed
  • Find an opportunity in less than 12 seconds
  • See “Matrix Thinking” in action


  • Keynotes, inspirational insights, facilitation: For conferences, leadership sessions, facilitation of corporate events
  • Insight into Matrix Thinking™ (1 Hr – 1½ Hr): This dynamic, inspirational presentation will change the way you think about new businesses initiatives. Roger will show you how to revitalise your business using simple practical Matrix Thinking tools. Experience the 12 second innovation.
  • Half Day interactive session and workshop: This interactive half day workshop will show you how to apply Matrix Thinking to YOUR business, inspire YOUR team and identify breakthrough opportunities.
  • Full day Master Class (7 Hrs): The intensive full day Master Class will challenge, motive and inspire YOU and YOUR team. Think new – think differently – think break through!
  • Embedding Innovation – a Total Program (up to 12 months): A typical twelve month “top down” change program commencing with a comprehensive “on line” survey of your people to determine your key Corporate Trajectory Indicators™ (CTI’s). Find out if you are on target to achieve YOUR corporate “Vision”. Incorporates the full Master of Innovation content plus a range of important issues.

For info contact us via  or (03) 8060 3504. Download the Matrix Brochure.