INNOVIC’s March 2021 Newsletter – the latest grants, resources, articles and more

The latest grants, government programs, information, resources, articles of interest for innovators and start ups.

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Disrupting the food delivery disruptors ….

By j.evans / June 11, 2020 / News / No Comments

Disrupting the food delivery disruptors

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What is Crowd-Sourced Equity Funding – and how can it help you?

By INNOVIC / March 30, 2017 / Handy Tips, News / No Comments

What is Crowd-Sourced Equity Funding (CSEF) – and how can it help you? Crowd-Sourced Equiry Funding (CSEF) legislation recently passed the Senate.  If you are an entrepreneur with an unlisted public company with less than $25m in assets and turnover, crowd-sourced equity funding is a way that you...

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The Ideas Boom – what is it?

By INNOVIC / March 17, 2016 / Handy Tips, News / No Comments

What is the Ideas Boom?  How does it help start-ups, entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors and small to medium enterprises? The key features of the federal government’s National Innovation & Science Agenda include: Funding – new rules on crowd sourced equity funding; tax breaks; more VC ...

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Innovators’ Networking Secrets

By INNOVIC / February 3, 2016 / Handy Tips, News / No Comments

Innovators aren’t necessarily the smartest and the brightest in the room – So what do they do differently? They mix with a wide variety of individuals and have open, diverse networks, and … they listen as well as talk.   So … how do you do it? Go to diverse events outside your specific area...

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Start Up India

By INNOVIC / January 19, 2016 / News / No Comments

Start up Indian style India has never been short of entrepreneurs – they are well represented in Silicon Valley and elsewhere.  But the Modi Government has a new plan – Start Up India, Stand Up India designed to crank up the number of start ups and business entrepreneurs and grow Indi...

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Patents – past, present & future

By INNOVIC / November 11, 2015 / News, Technology / No Comments

Who knew? The first Australian patent to be granted was in 1906 to Andrew Brown McKenzie for improvements to the Westinghouse railway brake system. Future patents? Space elevators, driverless cars, 4D printers, wearable technologies and more.

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Biometrics – the death of passwords?

By INNOVIC / November 10, 2015 / News, Technology / No Comments

The trouble with passwords is remembering them! Hence the most common ones are “123456”, “password”, “12345” and “qwerty”. We all know that passwords need to be long, strong, eight plus characters, with a mix of upper and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. Creative passwords can help but the...

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